Championship Con-Vert-A-Predator Call


This call is the ultimate in design perfection. So much so, we got it patented. It converts from a fixed pitch varmint call to a variable pitch predator call in a matter of seconds.


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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 1.75 × 1.75 × 5.5 in


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Who said the great hunters just tag tame game?
Come take a walk on the wild side.


Because tradition doesn't roll off an assembly line.


Because accuracy shouldn't suffer just because a lot of people want your product.

Guaranteed for Life

Because when you love what you do, you stand behind it.

Pleasure or Pelts? Can you profit from a Varmint Call?

Whether you are after pleasure or pelts, hunting coyotes, bobcats, raccoons, and other varmints can be an exciting way to spend the off-season. It’s hard to be bored when the hungry eyes of a coyote are bearing down on you expecting an easy meal because of your call.

Even so, if you do take a coyote, bobcat, or even a raccoon, it might be worth reading up on how to tan the hide. Wild pelts are going for a pretty penny in the fur market, and you could harvest them for the price of a bullet and an afternoon or evening in the wild.

Although a taxidermist is the most likely route for many, some investment of time may yield another hobby to compliment the excitement of hunting predators and varmints. You can tell your spouse how much money you’re saving by showing them the current fur market rates for that pelt.

In order to tan them, you have to see them to harvest. With Thomas Championship Con-Vert-A Predator Call, you get the versatility to hunt the predator or varmint that’s in your neck of the woods. With this call, it doesn’t take much to switch the type of sound you need to attract a raccoon after you’ve been calling coyotes. You might just get addicted.

How to use the Thomas Championship Con-Vert-A-Predator Call

Thomas Championship Con-Vert-A-Predator Calls
Thomas Championship Con-Vert-A-Predator Call

Make them come to you for a change.

Championship Con-Vert-A-Predator Calls Travel Light

(Here are some ideal places to take them)

Varmint hunting and Predator hunting are welcome activities in just about every state in the U.S. Not only does it help to thin out beasts that harm more desirable game populations, it can be some of the most challenging hunting for local residents and out-of-state enthusiasts alike.

Obviously, it is important to check the state regulations, seasons, and licensing requirements for the state in which you plan to hunt. State game wardens tend to take a dim view of hunters who don’t follow the rules.

Since predators like coyotes and bobcats tend to have more of an impact in states that have a cattle and livestock emphasis, we’ve highlighted three Midwestern states for your convenience. We’ve linked to the seasons set by Tennessee, Kentucky, and South Dakota here. Below, in each state’s graphic, you’ll find links to their licensing information, including the ability to purchase them online.

Thomas Game Calls wants you to have a successful hunt wherever you’re called. The Championship Con-Vert-A Predator Call was handmade and hand-tuned to help you make the most out of your wild adventure.

Tennessee Varmint Hunting
Tennessee Varmint Hunt
Kentucky Varmint Hunt
South Dakota Varmint Hunt

A Matter of Time.

The snow was falling as he made his way to where he thought he had staked out as the best place to land one or two from the pack he had heard the night before. With the snow, things looked differently. He briefly smiled as he thought of the coonskin cap he was wearing. It was actually keeping his head warm.

He had killed that raccoon using the Thomas Championship Con-Vert-A Predator Call he used last night to try to locate the pack. He wore the cap he had made from the tanned skin because it made his 5-year-old son laugh when he put it on. That was reason enough to wear it. A warm head right now was a bonus.

He had seen several torn deer carcasses over the past few weeks that let him know this pack had designs on ruining his deer season. That wouldn’t be tolerated. So, here he was making his way to the rise to get set up to thin them out a little and maybe get some good hides with which to work for a project or two.

He reached his destination, remembering the snag on the right side of the hill he identified from his scouting. He got in some tall grass and set up shop. Once he was comfortable with the decoy placement, he began calling. He was pretty confident that they’d come either from curiosity or hunger. His call hadn’t failed him yet. It was just a matter of time.

Have some fun in the off-season.